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Impetigo - School sores

impetigo prevention

As impetigo is a highly contagious, the first impetigo prevention is hygiene precautions to stop the skin infection spreading to other people.

The advice below will help for impetigo prevention:

The basic of impetigo prevention is to prevent the impetigo returning, keep cuts and scratches clean, and ensure that any condition that causes broken skin, such as eczema, is treated promptly.

Impetigo prevention with Defense Soap! Impetigo is less common among adults however contact sports athletes are more suceptible to skin infections. Using synthetic chemicals to clean your skin before you train is not the right option. The bacteria on your skin are your natural protection when you are training. Using products on your skin before you train makes you more susceptible to impetigo by killing the protection that nature has provided for you.

The advanced hygiene products from Defense Soap do not contain synthetic chemicals. They are formulated with 100% natural essential oils. These essential oils are known to have very powerful antibacterial, antiviral properties. Yet, they do not destroy all of the skinís natural bacteria, as chemicals will. The healthy bacteria left behind continue to flourish and allow the skin to continue to protect itself from harmful pathogens. An Ideal impetigo prevention!

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