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Impetigo - School sores


impetigo contagosia

Impetigo contagiosa known as the nonbullous impetigo is a superficial, intra-epidermal, unilocular, vesiculopustular infection. It is the most common skin infection with children. The non-bullous impetigo type is more contagious than the bullous impetigo.

Impetigo can also present as folliculitis, which is considered to be impetigo of the hair follicles caused by Staphylococcus aureus.

nonbullous impetigo children

bullosa impetigo title=

Staphylogenes impetigo

impetigo herpetiformis

Impetigo Contagiosa Streptogenes

Synonyms for nonbullous impetigo are small-vesicle impetigo contagiosa, Impetigo Contagiosa Streptogenes, Impetigo Contagiosa or Small-Vesicle.

Bullous impetigo is a toxin-mediated erythroderma in which the epidermal layer of the skin sloughs, resulting in large areas of skin loss.

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