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Impetigo - School sores
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impetigo on adults

In adults, impetigo is often the result of skin injruy by another dermatological condition such as dermatitis. Kidsen are commonly infected through a cut, scrape or insect bite, but they can also develop school sores without any notable damage to the skin.

People who play close contact sports such as rugby, American football and wrestling are also susceptible, regardless of age. Impetigo is not as common in adults. Impetigo is most often found in preschool children but is also quite common in young adults, especially in military training environments where a number of factors may be predisposing. The elderly are also more susceptible to skin infections.

Mortality in children with staphylococcal scalded skin infection is low but it can be as high as two thirds in adults. It will often require admission to hospital.

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